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Redoing everythingby Gregon 6/3/2012
I did fine on my Geography test, if you're wondering. I suppose not. Oh well. So, if anyone here has followed me on my past attempts at sites... well, I have a thing for deciding half-way through that I want to do something a different way. And this is after I've already started to make a bunch of data files. Well, this happened to me today. ;) Haha. Not the biggest issue, since it was just the One Direction files.

On the outside, there is no change. I just changed how I organize some stuff... and then I went through and filled in the Greyson area. The "Included on" area was actually done, since stupid Greyson has about fifty versions of the CD... ugh. We'll see how much I want to kill Justin when I get to doing his data. But I went through, and most of Greyson's songs even have lyrics. Well, the ones from the actual CD at least. The others, not quite. I'll work on those some other time. I've already spent like 4 hours on this.

Icon credit: flame_eternel @ livejournal
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