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Boy bands suckby Gregon 9/3/2012
My secret passion is writing down lyrics. No, really, it is. That's pretty much why I have this site. Because I like LYRICS. My ears are kinda shitty and so I like to be able to read lyrics and then I know what all is happening. And I like them to be CORRECT. And it pisses me off when I can hear that something is said one way, and the goddamn lyrics site says something else.

ANYWAYS... the title of this post. Boy bands? They all seem to have the *need* to sing. Well, I'd be just as happy for just Liam to be singing. Or Louis. (I rather like Louis' voice) But no, One Direction has to switch back and forth. So I decided "Hey, let's mark who's singing where"... yeah. How many hours later, I have like... five songs? I don't even know.

Fuck you, boy bands.

Icon credit: tumblr
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